Mobile testing

Mobile application testing services make up a good deal of our reputation as a one-stop shop for mobile development. Our testing squad is always there when you need it, at any stage of your mobile project.


Testing all the Way

Here the fun begins. In our testing lab, we run a complete set of mobile tests to make sure the app works great at all times:

  • Interrupt testing. There are over 30 ways to interrupt a mobile app, and we test them all to check if the software resumes just fine after each.
  • Connectivity testing. We help to prep the app up for every real-life mishap like no internet connection, weak Wi-Fi signal or switching between networks and connection modes.
  • Compatibility testing. You’re up for winning a huge user base, but with it comes a variety of devices, screens, operating systems, Bluetooth versions and so on. We won’t let anything slip from attention.
  • Compliance testing. We assess iOS and Android apps against the official guidelines to see if they will pass or get rejected yet.
  • Automated testing. When the project asks for reduced testing costs, we launch clever test automation with best-in-breed tools to help you cut on effort and time. And we do it well.

Product quality assessment

If you want us to jump in after you’ve already kicked off or finished mobile development, just request it, and we will assess your product against all the requirements. We’ll dive deep to find out how stable it is, how many bugs it has got and what features need to be improved.

Test reports

After every round of our mobile app testing service, we come up with a comprehensive test report on intermediate, and then final, results to keep you in the picture. It’s all there: our take on the app’s stability, the number of bugs, and features to improve, along with our detailed recommendations on bug-fixing and more.

Why test with us?

  • Transparency. From the very start, you will be in the know about all project aspects, as we provide an informed guidance on the testing types, tools and precise scope of work.
  • Quality control. With detailed reporting and regular meetings, you have the full visibility into the process and thus can make better decisions and supervise quality on the go.
  • Well-equipped team. As a mobile app testing company, we’ve refined both our approach and the toolkit in a line-up of stellar projects to be able to detect even the most badass bugs.
  • Huge test lab. Our testing lab boasts an impressive set of devices, both old and new, so that you don’t have to buy them yourself.

Get in touch to find out more and check for yourself!