We have highly skilled employees who can develop .NET applications using C# (C Sharp), in Visual Studio 2012, using the latest .NET 4.5 Framework.

Following are some of the development services we can provide to your company:

  • .NET Bespoke Software Development
  • C# Development in WinForms, WPF, WWF, ASP.NET all in Visual Studio.
  • Further development and support of existing .NET applications.
  • Porting legacy applications to the .NET platform.
  • Linking 3rd party application via .NET middleware.
  • Web-based solutions and E-Commerce.
  • Mobile phones and Tablets development.
  • Development using .NET Compact Framework.

Users don’t want to be tied to a device type to use an application. They don’t think they should, and they don’t have to be. With the latest incarnation of the powerful .NET architecture an application can be built to work across all your users’ devices. You need to deliver an application to support the business but you have to decide upon which framework it is going to be built – will it be a website or will it be desktop application or will it be a mobile device App? With the new generation of .NET Apps you are saved from these mutually exclusive options and you can access you App across all of these platforms from the same development foundation.