• 5 tips to give your SharePoint user adoption a boost

    If you’re reading this, chances are your SharePoint usage stats are a bit disappointing. Of course you see value in SharePoint and use it on the daily, but not everyone in the office shares your enthusiasm. Many colleagues think of SharePoint as an additional form of IT and will

  • GDPR – Office 365 & SharePoint


    GDPR – The catalyst for improved Information Management with Office 365 & SharePoint
    It’s hard to overstate the impact of SharePoint in the realm of Information Management. From relatively humble beginnings, SharePoint has now used by over 200 million people spanning over 200,000 organizations and is found in every

  • GDPR – What can you do?

    Although the GDPR will not be enforceable until May 25, 2018, we are encouraging our customers and partners to start preparing now. If you have already implemented a high bar for compliance, security, and data privacy, the move to GDPR should be simple. However, if you have yet to

  • Google’s definition of a top app development agency

    It’s not always possible to develop a mobile app in house; so you may look to an agency to help you create your app. This agency may call itself a systems integrator, mobile/design studio, consultant, dev shop, freelancer. Google’s guide for those looking to develop an app with an agency.